Play a real board game you own over video chat

Deal physical cards to your friends over the internet

Getting started as a host

As a host, you own the board game and you control the flow of the game. You will deal cards to your players and physically move the game board on each player’s behalf based on the actions they take through their phone and instructions they give you over video chat.

  1. Grab a board game from your closet
  2. Create a new game by clicking the link above
  3. Copy the Join Link (near the top of the game page) and text it to your friends
  4. Deal cards to your friends by clicking the “Deal Cards” button above their name (remember to keep your phone and card face down so you can play too)
  5. Take a picture of the current state of the board so everyone can plan their next move!
  6. Start playing! Everyone with cards can Play or Show their card. It’s up to you to control the flow of the game.

Getting started as a player

As a player, you'll use the deck of cards dealt to you as if they were physical cards you were holding in your own hand

  1. Tap the “View” button on each card to see which cards you’re holding
  2. Tap “Play” when you want the host to play your card
  3. Tap “Show” if you want everyone to be able to see your card
  4. Tap “Rotate” if your card image is not facing the correct direction